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Note of the publisher
Note of the publisher

Dear Reader,

Our periodical EINSICHT has been published since 1971 by the "Freundeskreis of the Una voce e.V." Munich. For the last ten years, it has strived to be a beacon shining out the limped, pure light of the Truths of the Catholic Faith in these chaotic times of religious decadence to enlighten you, dear reader, with respect to problems and trials confronting the Church today. This periodical wishes to assist those really seeking the Truth, briniging them the consolation which the Christ's Church has promised to those who love God and believe in Him.

But above all, EINSICHT is a militant yournal,unmasking the treacherous activities of the official apostate Church, as well as criticizing erroneous attitudes in our own conservative ranks. For exemple, it was proved in this periodical:

– that the N.O.M. promulgated by Paul VI is (in se) invalid,

– that Paul VI, John Paul I, and John Paul II were (is a) heretic(s) occupying the Chair of Peter,

– that most of the bishops and priests have also lost their faith,

– that the most traditionalists – whose leaders are the Econians - have only been a detriment to the true Faith and to the restoration of the Church through their tactics and lack of logic.

We shall not be content with simply analysing. The collaborators of our "Freundeskreis" (Circle of Friends) will demonstrate how the reconstruction of the Church and its restoration as the Institution of salvation is theologically possible.

This is far from the Econians, who on the contrary are now like an orthodox sect in the bosom of the apostate 'Conciliar Church'. But reconstruct the Church collaboration between priests and laypeople in Europe, North-America, Central Ameica and South America is necessary to build up viable Church communities and in this way put an ond to the diaspora situation in which many cahtholics find themselves.

Dear Reader, we would appreciate it, if this issue helped give you your moorings and if you in turn, could help our work by subscribing to our periodical and widely diffusing the doctrinal truths published therein. Adress your orders directly to the Editor:

"Freundeskreis der Una voce e.V."
Postfach 100 540, D-80079 München.

We have no set yearly subscription fee. But we would be most grateful for generous donations for our editrial work, and also for your prayers. Let us ask God through the Blessed Virgin Mary, all saints and St. Michael, the Archangel that the time of tribulation be curtailed, and to give us the strength and fortitude to remain faithful to God.

In the name of the "Freundeskreis e.V."

Yours very sincerly

Eberhard Heller


P.S. With regard to your donations

"International Postal Order"

or your international cheques, these  can be made out to  

"Freundeskreis der Una voce e.V." Munich.
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